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Motivational Entertainer Motivational speaker Greg Steele delivers an outstanding and powerful keynote to your business audience. Greg can highlight your annual convention, business seminar or team building event with an opening or a closing keynote presentation. Look no further for an entertaining keynote speaker for your corporate event, professional association and business meetings.

I am a world class entertainer and master hypnotist for corporations and businesses across the nation. These two skills make for a fascinating learning experience.

Give corporate entertainer Greg Steele a call. I can motivate your audience. I will help them stay motivated longer with maximum results. I have the knowledge and techniques to keep people motivated and successful.

After 20 years of research in the human mind and what makes it tick, Greg has tapped into a little “Mental Hack” that can increase focus, gain happiness, productivity and a higher quality of life.

I can fine tune thoughts into action for achieving goals. There are thousands of books written on focusing. There is very little reference on the requirements for the human mind to accept and implement goals into fruition.

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Entertaining Keynote Speaker A motivating keynote can help anyone become a better achiever by learning how to focus. I demonstrate how the mind-body process works, and what is needed to prepare one's self to make this innovative concept work for you.

Greg Steele's keynote entertainment will be the talk of your next national convention, business seminar and conference. Greg Steele offers a high energy memorable and entertaining speech backed up by 17 plus years as a student and practitioner of the human mind. I have found a unique way how to tap into the subconscious mind and program it to help all people.

Full and Half Day Training I offer break-out training sessions that last all day or just half a day. Your employees will have a higher more in-depth experience for focusing. When your employees are meeting their goals it means an increase in productivity, stronger initiative and higher profits. Employees that are successful are happy employees. Happy employees are successful.

Whether I am speaking in front of a large corporate audience, a small class or one-on-one consultant, I am able to demonstrate focusing techniques and how they translate into working in the modern computerized world.

Positive Thinking 2.0 I show my audience how to identify their thoughts, sort them and how they affect each person on a sub-conscious level. By selecting your thoughts you will have more control of your thought management. Create more successes and happiness in life. The result will be a stunning transformation of positive changes with increasing values that are essential to your success.

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